about elk jewelry

elk jewelry was forged out of a love of all things beautiful, artistic, natural, imaginative and full of life.   elk jewelry strives to create unique pieces of wearable art, finding beauty and interest in even the most uncommon places. Shining a creative light on subject matter typically overlooked in the world of jewelry, elk jewelry goes beyond the traditional confines and creates pieces more sculptural in nature, making it easier than ever to fill your everyday life with art.  elk jewelry prides itself on translating common into uncommon using age old, artisan techniques such as carving, sculpting, and manipulating in metal.  To say that this jewelry is a conversation piece is an understatement.  The unique forms, textures and subject matter of elk jewelry fill anyone who views it with a curiosity that can’t be satiated until you get a closer look and feel.  Moving beyond simply using found objects and collage techniques, elk jewelry transforms these ideas by using handcrafted traditional methods and materials that are classic and built to last.  Finished in precious metals, these luxury costume jewelry pieces are made to remain beautiful for years to come.  All elk jewelry is made in New York, NY.

New York based artist Eleanor Lee Kirke finds inspiration from her Midwest roots.  Born and raised in Nebraska, Eleanor finds that her love of the Midwest infuses much of what she does.  Immersed in the world of music and art from a very young age, her vast creative background has shaped the artist that she is today.   Eleanor attributes her love of the arts to her parents who have molded her creative mind through education and sharing of their unique gifts as creative professionals.


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